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Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage

Hi Central Family,

Married LIFE was excited to have Bud & Jane Fray come and share with all of us how God has blessed their 67 yrs of Marriage this Wednesday, April 12th. 

Secondly, I want you to get registered for the Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage seminar at Linary Church of Christ. Join Mark Gungor for his 2 day LIVE Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage event! 

– Bring positive hope to your marriage
– Help couples better understand each others needs
– Rekindle romance in your marriage
– Appeals widely to husbands, even those who may typically resist marriage ministry

Why a “laughter” approach?  For one simple reason: to overcome the male objection to a seminar. Let’s be honest, a marriage seminar isn’t the first thing a guy thinks of when he thinks of “a fun way to spend the weekend.” We get that…Familiar with the fact that women are usually much more open to discussing marital problems than their spouses, Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage is designed with an element of humor that appeals to couples, but is especially well-received by men.

Unlike many traditional marriage seminars that tend to be overly serious, technical and emotionally taxing, the Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage seminar is different because it helps couples deal with tough issues in a way that is fun and non-threatening.  Through the two-day seminar, couples will laugh, learn and be able to make real positive changes to their marriage.

Get register by CLICKING HERE! Cost for this Seminar is $35.00

Marriage Matters,

Pastor Terry


Do you know your marriage’s strengths and weaknesses?

Hi Central Family,

We all want our Marriage to Thrive but what does that look like and how can we have a Thriving Marriage? Dr. Greg and Erin Smalley have spent years studying why marriages thrive.  They’ve found there are 12 behaviors that consistently make up great marriages.

Based on research and experience from the Smalleys, Focus on the Family has created valid and reliable questions that evaluate the strength of 12 essential traits of your marriage—areas such as communication, conflict, and commitment.

The assessment is free and takes about 10 minutes to complete.

The questions are designed for married couples. Every marriage has areas that are working well and areas that could use improvement. If you want to identify your strengths and find tools to help you grow, this assessment is for you.


Enjoy and let me know what you think in the comments below!


Pastor Terry