Sunday School

There’s a place for all of us to be involved in Sunday School.
(A more detailed directory is available at our welcome desk in the atrium)
Adult Age Groups:
Adult I 20-30 / Adult II 30-40 / Adult III 40-50 / Adult IV 50-60 / Adult V 60-70 / Adult VI 70+
Note: Adult age groups are generally descriptive ranges. They are not rigid.
Loving God, Growing Together, and Serving Others defines the purpose and process of what we do at Central Baptist Church, and it certainly guides our philosophy of Sunday School ministry to our local body. First and foremost, our purpose revolves around the Great Commission to make disciples and making mature disciples includes proclaiming the Gospel, assimilating believers into the Body, and teaching obedience to the commands of Christ. Ultimately, as disciples, we should become passionate lovers of God, connected in vibrant relationship to other people, and servants in the Kingdom of God.
We know church is so much more than something we attend. It is who we are. Sunday School is a great way for us to be the church – – loving God, growing together, serving others. In the sanctuary, we see the church at worship, and it is beautiful. In Sunday School, we see the church at work, and it is equally beautiful.

We encourage every member to join a class. Our classes are designed to facilitate relationships and intimacy in a large congregation by breaking it down into small groups. We are convinced that by meeting in smaller, more personal, groups our congregation will better connect in heart and vision, and will build biblical community.

Sunday School is the foundational strategy/ministry that mobilizes people for the Great Commission, for proclaiming the Gospel, assimilating individuals and families into the life of the church, and for teaching believers through obedience to Christ to deepen their relationship with Him and be engaged in the ministry of the church. Sunday School is our primary strategy to connect people to Jesus, His truth, His community, and His mission.
8:00 a.m. Classes
Video Class, Room A-31
Adult IV-VI Men & Women, The Antioch Class, Room A-28
Adult IV-VI Men & Women, The Friendship Bible Class, Room C-11/12
8:15 a.m. Classes
Adult II-V Men & Women, The Encouragers Class, Room A-37
Adult II-VI Men & Women, The Berean Class, Room A-32
Adult IV-VI Men & Women, The Sojourners Class, Room A-26/27
Adult V-VI Men & Women, Room A-23/24
Adult IV-VI Women, The Guiding Lights Class, Room A-30
Adult IV-VI Men, Room B-16 (“The Cave”)
11:00 a.m. Classes
Newborn to Grade 12 Classes Available
College & Career, Room A-30
Single Adults, Room A-33
Adult I-II Young Married Adults, Room A-26/27
Adult I-II Married Adults, The Journey, Room A-32
Adult II-III Men & Women, FUSE, C-15 Multi-Purpose Room
Adult III-IV Men & Women, The Branches Class, Room A-31
Adult IV-VI Men & Women, The JOY Class, Room A-28
Adult V-VI Men & Women, Room A-23/24
Adult I-VI Men & Women, Across the Ages Class, Room A-37
Adult Men, Room A-29
Adult Women, Women of the Word (WoW) Class, B-18 Choir Room